Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this for free for life?

Yes we have a free package as well, that won't ask you for any subscription fee, but that will be limited to a very few customers. We recommend that once you test the app, then upgrade to a paid plan to enjoy the complete application. 

Can I get payment online from my clients?

Yes, our system comes with PayPal and Stripe integrated, you simply have to put in your PayPal merchant account or/and stripe credentials and your good to go. Your clients can then pay you via these online methods.

Does charges a commission in online payments?

No, we do not charge you any commissions or royalties on your invoices, we are only liable to charge you the monthly subscription for the platform. Your online merchant might have their own fee which you might be already aware of.

Is there any offline payment method as well?

Yes you can add as many offline payments methods as you want, such as Cash On Delivery, Bank, Cheque etc.

Will I get a discount on yearly subscription payment?

Yes you can get 20% on the total fee due, we always recommending paying yearly as that secures you for the whole year and at the same time you get a good discount.

Will my invoice go with my logo to my clients?

Yes, all your invoices will have your logo and your details on the invoice. When you subcsribe your asked to upload your companies logo, and fill in all the details.

Can I claim a refund?

Yes, if your unsatisfied with our product, you can claim the refund for the remainder part of your subscription.

Can I charge my customers as a subscription?

Yes, we have that option too, you can make invoices that are recurring, and will be charged as per the schedule you bill to your respective customer.

Can I manage my company's expense in your portal

Yes we have a complete section that manages your vendors and the expenses. You can add your vendors for different purchases and then create bills agains their names as you proceed.

What is an estimate invoice thats in your platform

The estimate is everything what an invoice does with the exception of demanding a payment from your customers.You have the option of sending the customer an estimate for whatever service or product your company has to offer, and when the customer approves the qoute or estimate you can convert to an invoice.